Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Well a whole week has passed and it's the begining of a new month
In the passed week I cant say I've acheived much in my studio, over the last weekend I went to a friends farm and helped out tailing lambs, It was a matter of make the best while the sun shines. We have had about 3 sunny days and I woke to rain again this morning- Mmmm  spring weather but at least its not cold.
This week coming up Is Ellen's Prize Giving, which I am looking forward to, She came home with a Very Good Report Card Last night, which makes me very proud, as she tries very hard.
Today I am posting up another card which I have made a while ago, I have got an old CD on the front and I used the Hero Poppy stamp, This card is quite simple,but very effective.
Well that all at the moment,
So catch you again
Cheers Wilma

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hi there
Well Just seeing what I am capable of doing on this blog
I made this card a while ago, It is quite delicate, But very pretty
Cheers Wilma

Welcome to my Blog

Finally Im in the the blogging world, Its all a bit scary but I guess I'll get there.
A big Thank You must go out to Hilary, for the hour or two she spent on the phone this morning, pointing me in the right direction,
Well finally the wind has stopped blowing here and it hasn't rained for at least half a day,
Been in the garden this morning, and pulled a few weeds, But boy there is plenty more to do.
So better go do it and I will get back to this later
Cheers Wilma